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Osborns Set 2

Osborns Set 2

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Image for illustration only. Actual packaging is standard Kato M1
 Containing Kato N Gauge Unitrack and a Farish locomotive and rolling stock, this set combines the high quality engineering and durable reusability of Unitrack with British stock for the first time.

  • 4x 20-000 248mm Straight Track
  • 1x 20-020 124mm Straight Track
  • 1x 20-021 124mm Straight Road Crossing Track
  • 1x 20-040 62mm Straight Track
  • 1x 20-041 62mm Straight Feeder Track
  • 8x 20-120 315mm Radius 45° Curved Track
  • 1x 22-015 Power Pack/Controller
  • 1x 24-000 Rerailer/UniJoiner Remover
  • Farish Class 70 Locomotive and three Freightliner HHA Hoppers.