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Oxford Diecast 76WB001 Water Bowser Alan Sparkes

Oxford Diecast 76WB001 Water Bowser Alan Sparkes

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The water bowser from the nostalgic age of steam power.  Water bowsers were a great way of carrying extra water either to areas where there was insufficient piped water or to accompany steam vehicles which needed topping up during the course of their daily work. The period version modelled here in 1:76 scale probably held around 8 gallons which could be siphoned off by opening the tap and hose.

The black tank is sitting on a brown frame and has bright red wheels. The water supplier’s details - Alan Sparkes of Stanton Drew, Bristol – are printed on the sides of the bowser, which is registered CF 3348.  The rear of the tank indicates its use for steam cultivation. Put it alongside your steam agricultural engines for extra interest.