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Oxford Diecast NAEC008  AEC Matador Royal Artillery France

Oxford Diecast NAEC008 AEC Matador Royal Artillery France

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the AEC Matador  WWII vehicle carries all the same detail of its OO counterpart, being a replica of the vehicle operated by the British and Commonwealth forces in France during WWII, where it was used mainly for towing medium sized guns. The Matador was a typical AEC vehicle of the period, with flat fronted cab to accommodate the crew of one, a curved roof and a canvas backed rear load area. It was a 4 x 4 vehicle with an AEC 7.6 litre engine and a speed of around 30 mph. Our model, as used by the British Army Royal Artillery, is decorated in drab olive with a grey canvas back and features the name 'Gazala' above the split windscreen. The Battle of Gazala, named after a small town about 40 miles from Tobruk in Libya, was an important WWII battle in the Western Desert Campaign, which took place in the middle of 1942. After WWII, the Matador continued in a useful role as a recovery truck and general-purpose contractor vehicle. As a 4 x 4, its versatility saw it also used for off-road jobs such as tree felling and even saw service as a showmans vehicle.