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Peco PL-43 Wheel Scraper

Peco PL-43 Wheel Scraper

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Designed for the efficient cleaning of locomotive wheels. By passing current to the motor via the pick-up wheels, the driven wheels rotate enabling dirt to be removed. All the modeller has to do is to connect each lead to a 12V DC power supply, one to each terminal. For DCC the leads can be connected to the rails, or to a "power bus", and selecting the locomotive from the power controller. The brush and scraper can also be used to clean undriven pick-up wheels, rotating them by hand. Using the PL-70 Locomotive Cradle will help stabilise the model whilst carrying out these tasks. Each pack also contains a handy clip for storing the tools nearby.

With the recent release of the PL-71 Servicing Kit (which already contains these new tools) proving to be popular, all of these new lines ought to to be part of your core range. If you have not yet stocked them, now would be a good time to introduce them to your customers. Note that the original PL-40 Brush and Scraper is being discontinued when sold out.