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Peco Sertrack OO Plan 20 - A North Wales Theme With An Extra Hidden Run

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 Baseboard Size Required - 191cm x 125cm (6'3" x 4'1")
This is a twin-loop layout with non-scenic section to the rear for added operational variety. Three sidings are provided, one for Gunpowder, one for timber logs and the other for nuclear waste. All these freight activities have been part of the North Wales railway scene for many years. particularly the 1960's - 1980's, the period in which the plan is set. Minimum requirements for stock would include a class 25 (Hornby or Bachmann) a 20T Brake van (Hornby) and nuclear wast wagon (Bachmann) together with a class 101 diesel Diesel Multiple Unit (Hornby) for all passenger needs. Of course it could be backdated to the British Railways days if steam engine operation and traditional goods stock is prefered.
Access to view, operate and maintain any model railway is essential. The 'central well' is probably a device used frequently by layout builders, whether for a large sectional/exhibition layout or for a smaller example like the one illustrated. It enables the operator to reach any area of the layout without a back-breaking stretch over the delicate scenery.
The baseboard will need a stronger framework than a board without an access hole (see picture 3, click on it for a larger view) and of course you will need to be agile enough to stoop under in order to reach the access hole in the first place. (Peco Publications)

Feature - Nuclear Waste Traffic
The removal os spent nuclear fuel by rail has been around since the 1960's. For public safety it is carried in special heavy duty containers on purpose built wagons. Both the wagons and the containers are now available from Bachmann in OO Gauge. The Gantry crane can be modelled by building the Ratio 546 kit. (Peco Publications)