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Peco Setrack OO Plan 10 Industrial Layout Developed from the Thomas The Tank Range

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 Baseboard Size Required 183cm x 122cm (6' x 4')
Along with plan 9 this design builds on the idea of using 'Thomas' products as a starting poit for a more railway-like layout but differs in that a detailed scenic treatmenmt is given to the entire baseboard, rather than just a protected central area. It assumes that the young modeller has a betyter understanding of the vulnerability of scale models, which allows a more intense and detailed scene to be modelled.
The track plan features a continious single line with a passing loopon each side. Adjacent to each loop is a group of sidings serving particular industries and whilst Peco has suggested coal, gas and general goods, almost any rail-served industry could be modelled. For simplicity Peco have avoided any large hills, tunnels or bridges. Also noticeable will be the absence of any backscene, enabling the layout to be viewed from any side. This works well with this type of model as each side acts as a backdrop to the other, enhancing the debth of the industrial townscapee. (Peco Publications)