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Peco Setrack OO Plan 11 A Goods Yard Scheme for Shunting Operations

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 Baseboard Size Required - 166cm x 107cm (5'6" x 3'6")
A compact 'L' shaped track plan on a baseboard not dissimilar from a computer operator's corner desk. This design represents a small section of a town or a city goods yard in late steam or early diesel periods. Shunting locomotives manoeuvre traditional short wheel-base wagons and vans from scenic to non-scenic sections and back again.

Feature - Inset Tracks.
Track that is partly buried in the road surface is known as 'inset track' and makes access across railway tracks easy for road vehicles. Stone sets (early period) would be used as a surface covering, or tarmac and concrete (later period). Wills kits make a very useful range of plastic material sheets, which are ideal for use in such a situation. Should you prefer not to use plastic sheet, Metcalfe make cardboard and self-adhesive sheets to represent tarmac and cobblestones respectively. Self adhesive sheets will need to be placed onto thick cardboard in the first instance. Whatever material you chose  to use remember to make representation of check rails. This can be done using rust coloured acrylic paints, colour pencils or felt tip pens applied to the edge of each infill. Make sure the wheels of your rolling-stock do not touch these infill;s, otherwise you will experience running difficulties. Finally check that you have an even height to all the infills, for some packing underneath may be needed to bring the road surface to just below the level of the rails. (Peco Publications)