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Peco Setrack OO Plan 12 - A Dockside Theme

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 Baseboard Size Required 137cm x 122cn (4'6" x 4')

Plan 12 again uses the design principle of folding a long thin layout back on itself to save length. This time with a 'Z' shaped track plan. Or double 'Z', and one which is quite a different concept from the usual approach to layout design.
The three tracks forming the 'Z' shape give in effect, a long length of run on a short board, and of course there is the extra interest in that trains have to reverse back and forth. Thus the plan is idealy suited to a docks or industrial branch theme where shunting is the operational priority and it is in this guise that the plan is presented.
Dockside settings lend themselves well to tight modelling spaces, sharp curves, short stock and lots of activity.
Milford Haven,Hayle Wharfes, Weymouth Harbour tramway, Caernarfon Harbour, Hamworthy and Falmouth are all inspiring examples. This design consists of two scenic sections either side of a central backdrop and linked together via a short non-scenic section. Operation centres arround the idea of sending short trains from one side to the other and, despite being a small layout, is therefore ideal for two people to operate. On a modelling note dockside tracks are in the main inset; only the rails and a gap to accomodate wheel flanges are visible. For more information on inset tracks see plan 11. (Peco Publications)