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Peco Setrack OO Plan 13 - A Locoshed Scheme For A Room Corner

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 Baseboard Size Required - 114cm x 66cm (3'9" x 2'2")
Inspired by a small section of the prototype at Skipton as it was in steam days, this layout is probably very close to being the absolute minimum space in OO, yet still offering considderable model and operational potential. If you want something more up to date, Didcot, the preserved site, has in part a very similar track plan and this would justify you using all manner of resident or visiting locomotives. Either way, if you are into locomotives and want a very small layout that will not compromise any room space or household budget, this is definately for you.
The design appears at the end of this section because it introduces several new layout features; an operating turntable, a split backscene and multi-loco storage sidings. The split backscene allows access from the scenic ti the non-scenic section of the layout in the centre, instead of the more usual scenic break at one end or the other. Undisguised, it is fairlt incongruous, but the careful use of scenic features, in this case a tall chimney, helps to hide the unsightly edge of the left hand part of the backscene. When viewed from the front of the the two parts of the backscene appear as one, with the chimney partway along its length.

Feature -- Working Turntable
Locomotive turntables were a vital part of the steam age railway system and examples, both large and small, could be found all over the network. The Peco LK-55 Well turntable Kit is perfect for recreating one on a layout and comes complete with comprehensive installation instructions. As supplied the deck is for rotating by hand but it can be motorised easily using the Expo Turntable drive. (Peco Publications)

Note this package INCLUDES the turntable (LK-55).