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Peco Setrack OO Plan 16 A Twin-Track Main Line In The Traditional Style (1)

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 Baseboard Sixe Required 191cm x 130cm (6'3" x 4'3")
Plans 16 and 17 have their basis in the traditional oval layout, sometimes called a continuous run.
Each one has a twin circuit of main line with a group of sidings on the inside of the inner circuit. They are however substantially different; one has a single island platform and extra sidings at the end of the layout, the other has twin platforms with a central passing loop. Scenically both are different, individually, they could be treated in other ways too, by removing or adding features to suit your personal choice. For instance the Setrack Level Crossings (below), with their unique add -on units can be positioned virtually anywhere on your OO/HO layout.
However, on table top layouts, a corner is often the most convenient place to site a level crossing. With this in mind, the standard Setrack level crossing is available with a number 1 radius curved track centre section, ST-266, as well as the straight track section ST-268. Both come complete with wooden type gates. Modern type barriers, LK-51, are available as a seperate item and are essential for updating a layout. TYhey come complete with dummy warning lamp standards and side fences. there are four seperate add-on track units available, one for additional straight sections and three for 2nd. 3rd, and 4th. radius curves.
both these layouts could be operated with traditional steam or modern diesel or electric trains and, in many respects, are ideal for the younger enthusiast interested in operating modern trains such as the Virgin Voyager and class 66 freight locomotives show. (Peco Publications)

Level Crossings ARE included