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Peco Setrack OO Plan 18 - A Scottish Highland Layout Based Around The Traditional Oval

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 Baseboard Size Required 198cm x 132cm (6'6" x 4'4") Click on pictures for the larger view.
Long, winding, single-track lines are still to be enjoyed in the north of Scotland as part of the National Rail Network. This design is inspired by that experience and much that has been written by Ian Futters and others in Railway Modeller articles.
The layout is a traditional oval configuration with a passing loop, station, industrial sidings and a non scenic section. In this case the sidings are for grain traffic for whisky distilling, but other goods such as oil or timber would be suitable alternatives.
The station is based on the centre island designs of the West Highland Railway. As with plan 14, the Peco Setrack curved platform will need to be modified to fit this track design. Therefore, you may prefer to build up your own using Peco platform Edge Strips, together with a card or plastic sheet for a top surface. Access to the to the platform is via a subway - common to many West Highland railway stations, it is easily modelled by fitting a Peco LK-7 Subway Staircase Kit.
Up yo three trains can be accomodated using the turnouts to isolate them in turn. Note that some turnouts will be hidden beneath the scenery, so they will need to be switched remotely by converting them to electric operation using Peco pL-10 turnout motoors and PL-26 passing contact switches. (Peco Publications)

Feature -- Underbridges
Creating low level underbridges for roads and rivers as shown in this scheme, requires careful planning at the baseboard construction stage.
There are of course several ways to do it, one method suitable for a solid top baseboard is shown in picture 3. (Peco Publications)