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Peco Setrack OO Plan 3. 'A Scenic Oval Layout--Caernarfon Harbour'

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Baseboard Size Required -- 183cm x 107cm (6' x 3'6")
Railways and castles are rarely modelled together. Perhaps that is because there are very few prototype examples that co-exist side by side. This one, and the castle wallsat Conway are the only two that spring to mind.
The design uses a raised baseboard for the railway part, with a lower section depicting the harbour. Ideally a representation of the actual castle in model form would be most effective, but as an alternative Usborne Publishing  make two card kits of castles in 00/HO which provide excellent short cuts!
Locomotives were rarely used on the line in Caernarfon Harbour - all wagons being horse drawn. Obviously it is not possible to model this feature, so we would therefor suggest locomotives approprita to the area are used instead. Short wheelbase wagons from the principal manufacturers will suffice, and although passenger trains did not run on the inset goods tracks, there is nothing to stop you using them on the model. (Peco Publications)