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Peco Setrack OO Plan 30 - Locotec and Dewsbury Cement Terminal

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 Minimum Space Layout
Baseboard Space Required - 122cm x 30cm (4' x 1')

This is a basic design that can be used in two ways, both reflecting the prototype at Dewsbury Blue Circle cement terminal and Locotec.
First you can traet both the left-hand sidings as part of the terminal and shunt PCA wagons (Hornby) accordingly. Second, you could use the rear siding, left-hand side as the maintenance shed for Locotec, justifying the appearance of many different shunters. In both cases the right-hand end goods shed can receive single wagons carrying equipment or materials. A Peco SL-43 Loco Lift can be used as a short cassette to place and remove rolling stock inside the rear lean-to shed, having first created a suitable access hole in the backscene.
Not a large layout, but one that can be thoroughly detailed and extended when resources permit. (Peco Publications).