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Peco Setrack OO Plan 32 - Sheringham Yard - An Interpretation Of A Preserved Station

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 Baseboard Size Required - 133cmx 76cm (5'3" x 2'6")
Well Known modeller Neil Ripley has previously contributed track plan ideas and his second OO suggestion is based on the North Norfolk preserved railway station at Sheringham. Peco have added several sidings, front left, to the prototype track plan for both visual and operational improvement. This part station design is known to experienced modellers as a 'bitsa' station idea and shows only the last section. As a result, although the viewer only ever sees one coach, the one behind the loco, the implication is that the train is much longer than it really is. The retaining wall along the back edge of the platform where it disappears throughj the overbridge will help maintain the illusion  by blocking any view of the 'backstage' area. The use of a Peco Loco Lift for changing coaches and locomotives in this non-scenic section is essential, enabling variety to be maintained, minimising the risk of damaged stock. It has always been a good idea to keep hands off stock but it is more important than ever with today's ready to run locomotives with their  fine and fragile detailing. In such restricted space the ru-round clearance has been kept to a minimum and the layout is suitable only for short tender locos e.g. J15,J21 ( a bachmann J39 would be a reasonable alternative to these twp) B12 etc. and diesels such as classes 03,04, 08, 20, 25, and 33 together with a railbus or similar single car units. (Peco publications).