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Peco Setrack OO Plan 8 St Ives Branch Terminus - An End-to-End Layout in a Circular Format

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 Baseboard Size Required  - 152cm x 122cm (5' x 4')
This design is an end-to-end configuration and comprises 3 components; the statrion, the locomotive facilities and non scenic storage sidings all wrapped around a small access hole (or cockpit) which is disguised by the unusual and almost completely circular backscene (see Featured curved backscenes below). St Ives was a populat holiday resort in steam days, with GWR 45XX locomotives heading most trains. Some Western Region coaching stock and a variety of short wheelbased wagons are all that is needed to get things moving. (Peco Publications)

Curved Backscenes.
2D Backscenes, straight or curved, or a combination of both, provide an extra dimension denoting the limit of the scenic section. The Peco 'Manyways' scenic backgrounds provide numerous designs that can be joined together or overlaid to create a continious scene and then fixed to a backboard. For St. Ives there are two options for making a backscene. The first option is cardboard, in which the scenic background will need glueing with spray mount adhesive. The alternative is hardboard which needs to be soaked in water overnight and bent gently with the smooth side outwards, then nailed inside the curved opening. This is not a job for the faint hearted and needs great care. Once dry, the scenic backscene can be fixed with wallpaper paste. This method of fixing is also suitable for a straight backscene made of hardboard or thin plywood. (Peco Publications)