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Peco Setrack OO Plan 9 Upwell and Running! CHILD FRIENDLY

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 Baseboard Size Required 183cm x 182cm (6' x 4')
Here is an entry level design suitable for a parent and child working together.It is based on the Wisbech and Upwell tramway which provided the inspiration for the Rev Awdry's 'Thomas the Tank Engine' stories. Although the layout could be construceted completelt from scratch, the plan pre supposes that an existing Thomas set in the familys possession can be developed into more of a scale model, This way the railway grows up with the child, a development that will almost certainly welcomed by any adult enthusiast involved.
The plan itself is the development  of an idea by Neil Ripley and a full account of it was featured in Railway Modeller , May 2007. The design is such that the cdentral area is protected from young hands by its position and can be quite detailed with more delicate features such as trees and telegraph poles. The outer area has very basic scenery and a push along roadway where the very young, less aware of the very fragile nature of models can play and watch the trains go by. Additional scenic features like plug in trees could be added to the outside area for the adult only operating sessions and more detailed rolling stock could be used at this time too. (Peco Publications)