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Peco Setrack OO Plan15 - Stamford Riverside - A U Shaped Terminus to Fiddle Yard Layout.

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 Baseboard Size Required 343cm x 175cm (11'3" x 5'9")
This plan is based on the former, and now long closed Great Northern Railway terminus at Stamford Lincs.
It has been substantially altered from the actual prototype station but captures the charm of a semi-rural twin branch line terminus. It could easily be set  elsewhere in England should eastern counties' railway prototypes not appeal.
We have chosen, however to retain the atmosphere of the original locality in this interpretation and have thus called it 'Stamford Riverside', so named due to the proximity of the River Welland which flows parallel to and close by the platform and station buildings.
Set in the pre-Nationalisation LN.E.R. era (prior to 1948) it allows the use of secondary locomotives, older typre coaching stock and a variety of highly decorative private owner wagons, not to mention visitors from neighbouring L.M.S. Both Hornby and Bachmann offer suitable locomotive models ready-to-run.
The design is 'U' shaped with the station on one side and the non-scenic storage sidings on the other. The bottom of the 'U' represents the two branch lones out of Stamford. One to Essendine, on the East Coast Main Line, the other to Wansford crossing on the River Welland on lightwieght trestle bridges, as indeed the original did, albeit further down the line.
The plan offers the opportunity for the modeller to have a go at constructing some buildings from scratch, in particular the ornate station building and overall roof. Some excelent drawings for which appeared in the Railway Modeller, April 1974. On the other hand, Metcalfe Models produce a mainline station card kit that could, with some modest yet ingenious adaptation, be used instead, (Peco Publcations).