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Peco SL-713 Streamline O Gauge Transition Track (4)

Our Price: £21.21
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This new accessory will enable modellers to join the two track systems in the PECO Streamline O gauge range, replicating what the real railway has to deal with when the two types of rail meet.
Bullhead track and flat bottom track does live side-by-side in the real world, and special fish plates maintain the connection. Peco's accessory replicates this visual effect as well as compensating for the difference in rail height to ensure smooth running of the trains.
Prototypically it's quite common to see the main running lines laid with flat bottom track, and the loops and sidings in bullhead, so an even more realistic layout can be achieved by using these special track sections. The rails are electrically connected, but if the modeller breaks the wires connecting the two sides then the unit becomes a handy isolating section too!

Packaged in 4s (ideal if you wish to use the bullhead crossing or double slip in a flat bottom track plan)