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Peco SL-E787BH 'O' Gauge Curved Turnout L/Hand

Peco SL-E787BH 'O' Gauge Curved Turnout L/Hand

Our Price: £71.97
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Peco are pleased to announce the release of our new O gauge curved turnout. Available with the popular bullhead nickel-silver rail, these turnouts feature authentic rail chair and bolt detail as well as fine wood graining on the sleepers. Since they are great space savers they will be welcomed by all O gauge modellers.

Switching the frog polarity

These new turnouts now feature a recess moulded into the toe-end of the turnout, designed to take the PL-33 Microswitch. The wood-grained cover plate is easily removed and the microswitch inserted. Full instructions are provided with each turnout.

Electrofrog turnouts, nominal radii:

Outside 3098mm (122 inches)

Inside 1727mm (68 inches)


Frog angle 8°


Length 516mm (20.31 inches)