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Peco ST-U750  O Gauge Setrack Turnouts No. 2 Radius in UNIFROG

Peco ST-U750 O Gauge Setrack Turnouts No. 2 Radius in UNIFROG

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The geometry is ideal for sidings or branch lines where space is limited, and with smaller locos and rolling stock. Limiting factors such as bogie swing, side play of the axles, the closeness of the tender coupling may influence the ability of larger locos to negotiate Setrack curves.
Unifrog: For the first time in O gauge, the turnouts are wired in the new Unifrog configuration. Both routes through the turnout are live at all times, which is ideal for DCC use, and there is no need for any additional wiring or fitting insulating rail joiners. The frog tip is normally ‘dead’, which poses no problem for all but the smallest locos, but it is conductive and has a trailing wire attached, allowing it to be energised using a PL-13 or PL-15 accessory switch attached to a PL-10 point motor, or a PL-33 micro-switch in a PL-19 housing (which clips directly to the turnout) activated directly by the movement of the tiebar.

Matching the geometry of the existing Setrack straight and curve: 22.5° exit angle, 15.5” (393.7mm) length, 40.5” (1028.7mm) radius, Bullhead rail.