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Peco Streack OO Plan 31- Extending PL.30 Dewsbury Cement Terminal

Our Price: £164.35
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 Baseboard Size Required 259cm x 147cm (8'6" x 4'10")
As was stated in the description of Plan 30, it was a great way to start and gain some modelling experience before moving on to something larger.
The revised design assumes that you have had a go at building Plan 30, been very successful, and would like to find a way in which to extend it. By taking some more prototype elements from Dewsbury, along with some imaginary features, an enlarged design has been created which includes a loop, a head shunt (which is actually a truncated through-line), two extra sidings (one a bitumen terminal) and some non-scenic hidden sidings.
The changes are easy to make in practice; first build a new 'L' shaped main baseboard in the corner of the room as show, remove the left hand end backscene from the original layout, then fit it all into the new main board in front of the hidden sidings.
Increase the size of the cement terminal buildings, as shown in the 3D illustration, using them to mask the exit from the scenic to the non-scenic sections and to hide the join between the original and new layouts. Or of course you could start this layout right from scratch. (Peco Publicity).