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Peco Trackwork

Made in the UK

Peco are pleased to announce the release of their new range of ballast, ideal for recreating the perfect roadbed for the model railway. This new range supercedes the old PS-26 to PS-30 ballast, which has now been withdrawn and discontinued. There are now 12 different varieties of ballast available, all supplied in bags of approximately 250g. As you may know ballast on the real railway varies in appearance, depending on how new it is and from which quarry it was obtained. We, in turn, have carefully selected ballast that represents the closest match to that ballast more commonly found. Essentially either grey or brown in colour, we offer three grades, fine, medium and coarse, either as "clean" freshly-laid ballast or in older, weathered condition. And of course the modeller can create their own blend from any of the combinations available.

Another important factor to mention is that this ballast, when laid and set in place, does not discolour, other than perhaps a slight darkening after the water and glue has dried. In most cases* the ballast has been obtained from British quarries, carefully graded to a sepcified size, and washed to ensure the minimum amount of dust.

* Both PS-310 and PS-317 have been produced from ground peach stones

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