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PL-10E Peco: Turnout Motor (Extended Pin for mounting below baseboards)

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PECO LECTRICS for Peco Setrack and Peco Streamline, all gauges  (click on second picture for mounting details)

PL-10, PL-10E & PL-10W for operating turnouts by
remote control from N to 0 and SM-32

WIRING. The Turnout Motor is for low voltage use only. 16v AC is recommended. The

Motor should be energised only momentarily. Use PECO Lever Switch PL-26 or Probe

and Studs PL-17 & PL-18. A capacitor discharge unit (*CDU) can be used but is not

necessary. For good electrical connections use PecoLectrics Connectors and Shrouds

PL-31. The Accessory Switches PL-13 or PL-15 can be attached to the underside of

the Motor for switching frog polarity, signal operation or route indication etc.