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PM-201 Peco Publications Your Guide to Modelling American Railways

PM-201 Peco Publications Your Guide to Modelling American Railways

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Big trains, big scenery, and the ever-appealing attraction of the "American Dream" may well explain why building layouts of US and Canadian subjects are so popular amongst British modellers.

Nevertheless, there are many modellers for whom the subject is stilll a bit mystifying. The purpose of this book is to reach out to modellers with all levels of interest, whether already modelling, looking to build, or those who might be persuaded to tackle this prototype but need a bit of a helping hand.
Part of the expanding "Modellers' Library" family of titles, as well as featuring some truly inspirational layouts the book will cover some of the basics, such as explaining the appeal of American railroads, the terminology used, typical track plans and an introduction to the British Region of the NMRA.

Feature articles include modelling mechanical interlocking (point rodding to you and me!), the card operating system so often used by American modellers, and a fascinating selection of previously unpublished black & white photos from WWII, taken by a new RAF recruit travelling across America by train en route to training in Arizona.
This book, unlike our periodicals, will be a permanent part of the range, and could well form part of a growing series of titles covering specific countries.