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PM-214 Peco Let's Go Railway Modelling

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Perfect-bound, 132 pages, including covers 
227 x 300mm

About the author, Chris Ford, is a lifelong enthusiast who has built layouts in various scales and gauges and is a frequent contributor to Railway Modeller.

This new bookazine from PECO Modellers' Library is the perfect gift for a budding new railway modeller. All retailers will find this the perfect recommendation as a Christmas gift, as a way to encourage someone new to start up, and for the reader it is a source of inspiration for developing skills and ideas. Just as all of the PECO Modellers' Library titles set out to do. 

Railway modelling is a lifestyle hobby enjoyed by millions of people from all walks of life, including famous stars like Sir Rod Stewart, Jools Holland, Pete Waterman and even Hollywood A-listers such as Tom Hanks. As a mainstream leisure activity, it encompasses a huge array of artistic, creative and technical aptitudes. It is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, a great way to learn lots of new skills, and can be enjoyed equally at home or by participating in a local club or group. But knowing where to begin and how to navigate one’s way through the myriad of wondrous things the hobby offers can often be overwhelming to both newcomers and experienced modellers alike.

Hence, this brand new publication, which takes a candid and sometimes humorous look at the hobby today, guiding the reader through the multitude of options and choices with which he or she is faced. From what size of models to choose? Where to house a layout in the home? What controllers do I use? Where to get more advice? Should I join a club? In fact, all the information one needs to integrate this ever-fascinating hobby into one’s busy life and including examples of many inspirational model railways built by hobbyists of all persuasions.