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PROBS-HO-02 HO/OO Advanced Ballast Spreader

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The New Advanced Ballast Spreader with special features to make this the only Ballast Spreader you'll ever want!

For HO-OO 1:76 and 1:87 Track systems.

Perfect ballast spreading is never a problem again with this easy to use Ballast Spreader.

Slots underneath the spreader keeps your ballast in line, spreads the ballast on track and never on rails.

PLUS - with the new advanced version:
* Adjustable height setting allows you to alter the depth of ballast and cope with different Code Rail - Code 100 (Hornby/Peco), Code 83 (Tillig/Peco USA) and Code 75 (Peco Finescale).

* Shut off valve - now you can halt the flow of ballast whilst you lift the Ballast Spreader over point work or when it reaches the end of the track.

* Loco hauled - With the built in coupling you can now push or pull the Ballast Spreader with a Locomotive as well as by hand.