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PS115 Parkside LNER 20 ton Goods Brake Van "TOAD B" (Diag. 34) - O Gauge    

Our Price: £43.99
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The first LNER brake van was introduced in 1924 and was derived from earlier GNR and NER designs. This new van had the telegraphic code "TOAD B". Various modifications to the design took place over the ensuing years, and the prototypes for this particular model date from 1928-9. Built in Doncaster, 260 examples entered service but were phased out during the post-war British Railways era.

This new O gauge kit will be welcomed by modellers, as Parkside has built up a reputation for high-quality kits of the more rarer wagon types, and this one in particular will fill a gap. The kits contain everything the modeller needs except glue, paint and a few tools: crisply moulded plastic parts, supplemented by metal wheels, bearing cups and three-link couplings, plus transfers.