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PSG-13 PECOSCENE Static Grass Layering Spray Adhesive 

PSG-13 PECOSCENE Static Grass Layering Spray Adhesive 

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This new adhesive can be used as an alternative to the aerosol-based Layering Spray PSG-11. Applied from a pump-action bottle the spray should be used to build up layers of static grass in the same way as the aerosol, applying a new layer each time a new grass product is applied, creating the depth and texture effect desired, as well as enabling the blending of colours to create a realistic scene. As before, the first layer of grass should be applied using the Basing Glue PSG-10.

Supplied in a 500ml bottle, the pump spray is protected by a plastic  cap, and should be cleaned with warm soapy water after each use, to avoid the nozzle becoming clogged. 

Overseas customers will find this product particularly beneficial as it will not require the special handling necessary for the aerosol Layering Spray, so will be easier to import.