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PSG-21 Peco Tuft Strips 4mm Daffodils (10)

PSG-21 Peco Tuft Strips 4mm Daffodils (10)

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Many of these tuft strips perfectly lend themselves to replicate long grass along the edge of paths, roads, and against walls of buildings. Also, the daffodils and lavendar strips can be used to represent fields of these plants as often seen in certain areas of the country. Fully self-adhesive they can simply be peeled off the backing paper and stuck straight onto the layout. Modellers may also choose to cut these strips up into smaller pieces to fit a certain place, or just to create clumps of vegetation. All-in-all a very versatile landscaping product that will complement the existing grass tufts in the range. 

Each pack contains 10 strips approx 130mm in length