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R8245 Hornby: DCC Saphire Decoder

R8245 Hornby: DCC Saphire Decoder

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Supports 1 Amp continuous current with 1.5 Amp stall. Low speed "gear" for shunting operations. Set amounts of "water" and "fuel" can be stored in the Sapphire providing real time fuel consumption. Burn rates can be selected. All CVs can be changed.

The Sapphire Decoder is NMRA compliant, and supports RailCom and asymmetric DCC.

  • High Frequency back-emf motor control - high frequency to reduce audile noise
  • Low speed gear for shunting operations
  • 14, 28 and 128 speed steps
  • Operation on conventional DC layouts
  • Provides 1A continious motor current and 1.5A stall.
  • Four function outputs rated at 200mA each. Total current sum of function outputs is 500mA
  • Directional or independant lighting, featurng dimming and extensive special effects
  • Advanced consist control and extended addresing
  • Support for all forms of programming as described in NMRA RP-9.2.3
  • 21-pin connector

Safety Notice:

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age. Contains functional sharp points/ edges, solder joints/Printed circuit board. Tools required for assy. Soldering to be carried out by an adult. Colours and contents may vary from those illustrated. Please refer to safety notes in enclosed instruction leaflet. Made in China. Retain these details, and the address for future reference.