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Rivarossi HR2477 Steam locomotive S 100 type USA T.C. rd. No. 1948

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The S100 type steam locomotives have been developed in the US for the United States Army Transportation Corps (USATC) by the Davenport Locomotive Works and the Vulcan Iron Works. They have been built for the service in Europe and North Africa during the Second World War. Via Great Britain the locomotives have been delivered by ship to France. From there they have been distributed over Germany to Austria, Italy, Greece and Yugoslavia. Even countries like Iran, Irak, Israel and China owned engines of that type. Also in Russia (broad gauge) and Spain (rebuilt for a local narrow gauge line) some locomotive could be found. Several state railways (SNCF, ÖBB, FS, …) used the locomotive after the war – partially until the 1970s.

This model is prepared for the use of a sound decoder.