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Japanese Z Scale

1. 1:220 scale.2. Can run on R95 track and small layouts.
3. Each left side and right side has one rubber traction tire as a standard feature to be able to climb a 4% grade.
4. Motor uses a special magnet. This magnet minimizes current and enables trains to run powerfully at low speed.
5. Every train has additional weight to enhance power collection from the rail and to promote stable operation.
6. Etching parts are used for small parts such as handrails to be more realistic.
7. Car bodies are injection molded and decorated with fine detail.
8. Where appropriate headlights and taillights are included.
9. Interior lights are optional parts.
10. Can be connected to cars from other companies with rapido type coupler which is included as standard.
11. The shape of our wheels complies with NMRA(standards).
12. Will run with constant lighting (CL) if powered with a controller equipped with this feature.
13. Designed to perform with the track, and controller, etc. from Rokuhan.

all current items can be supplied on request