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SSM323  Wills Modern Security Gate Kit OO/HO

SSM323 Wills Modern Security Gate Kit OO/HO

Our Price: £7.19
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There are lots of places that require you to pass through a security gate of some kind, whether it's a factory, station or hotel car park, and in the context of our hobby, many rail installations too. So for the modeller of the current and recent period this new model will likely find a home.

Comprising a set of two barriers, open and closed, plus floodlights, CCTV and some palisade fencing, everything is included to make a convincing and practical feature for a warehouse or maintenance shed entrance. Using pre-coloured mouldedplastic parts the kit is easy to build, and further painting will enhance the model too. Some careful planting of scrub and bushes around the fencing will add an extra level of authenticity to the scene. It's another kit that can be used to develop an interesting cameo trackside.