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Useful Tips

Installing Inclines/ Declines

Do  not install an Incline and Decline so their tapered ends meet or their thick ends meet.

The angle is too difficult for train wheels to maneuver and will cause derailment.

Always allow a level space between an Incline and Decline.

Banking Risers and Inclines/Declines

Real roads and railroads are often banked slightly on curves. Some modelers choose to bank their layout's roads and track to enhance realism. Insert shims under Risers or Inclines/Declines around the outside of curves. These shims will be glued in place after testing your layout.


Risers are flexible foam components that elevate track and roads above the base. Elevating with Risers allows for dramatic scenery possibilities, such as valleys and water areas, without cutting into the base. Use at least 2" Risers to elevate the track. For a dramatic landscape, use 4" Risers to give maximum elevation for steep relief, rivers and valleys. Risers are available in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2" and 4" heights. They easily flex to form curves. You will need the same number of feet in Risers. All Risers are 2 1/2" wide and 24" long. Purchase the SubTerrain Manual for additional information on how to use the foam system.


Without Risers, you would have to cut into your base for ditches, streams and more.


With Risers, you can create low-lying areas like ditches, streams and more without cutting into your base because the track is elevated.