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Tamiya Weathering Powders and Sticks.

Tamiya Weathering Powders and Sticks.

weathering powders

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Easy Way to a Pro-Level Finish
Weathering means adding realistic-looking effects to your models, such as sand on tank treads and mud-caked rally car bodies. These new Tamiya Craft Tools offer by far the easiest way to achieve realistic weathering effects. Weathering Master comes in a pocket sized case with 3 colors and special applicator tool. The pen-type Weathering Stick offers up to 5mm of easy-to-apply color by simply twisting the tip.

A Set
B Set
Weathering Master A Set
Item No:87079
Sand (for dusty finish)
Light Sand (for dusty finish on light-colored vehicles)
Mud (for mud on tank treads and rally cars)

Weathering Master B Set
Item No:87080
Snow (for winter camouflage and light snow)
Soot (for soot from exhaust pipes and gun barrels)
Rust (for rusting of AFV and boat hulls)
C Set
D Set

■Weathering Master C Set
Item No:87085 
Orange Rust (for orange/red tinted rusty metal
Gun Metal (for unpolished metal look)
Silver (for polished metal look)

■Weathering Master D Set
Item No:87088 
Burnt Blue (for scorched metal look)
Burnt Red (for scorched metal look)
Oil Stain (for realistic brownish-gray oil stain color)


Weathering Stick (Mud)
Item No:87081
Easy to use pen-type tool for achieving realistic finishing effects on your scale models. Perfect for depicting mud on tank treads or rally car chassis.

Weathering Stick (Snow)
Item No:87082
Twist tip of Weathering Stick to extend color and simply paint snow onto model for impressive wintertime finish.

■Weathering Stick (Sand)
Item No:87086 
Pen-shaped Weathering Stick makes it easy to apply realistic desert weathering effects anywhere you want. Perfect for military vehicles and desert rally cars.

■Weathering Stick (Light Earth)
Item No:87087 
Light brown color depicts dried mud and can be used to create a more realistic finish on a wide variety of models.