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Train Shed Cyclopedia #61

Train Shed Cyclopedia #61

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64 Pages (reprint from original edition)
Train Shed Cyclopedia 62 (1925) Flats, Gondolas & Hoppers (Part 2) from the 1925 Car Builders Cyclopedia –  – Contents: Pictures and drawings: Freight cars—Refrigerator, refrigeration and heating, ventilation – Flat, gondola, Hoppers, Hoppers-ore, Dump – Articles: Miner Refrigerator Car Door Fasteners: The Miner Refrigerator Car Door Fastener is recognized as a most efficient method of opening and closing the doors of refrigerator cars. This device always operates with ease and precision because of the great leverage afforded by the handle. -- Wine box car ventilators: for the protection of fruit, vegetables and other perishable freight it is necessary to thoroughly ventilate box cars used in such service. -- Enterprise equipment for Gondola Cars: Open top flat floor gondola cars are in great demand by shippers for the movement of various materials which are not seriously affected by exposure. The convenience in loading such a car appeals to the shipper. – All steel construction: The coal traffic constitutes a very large proportion of all railway traffic, both in relation to tonnage and to gross revenue. – General service cars: A flat bottom gondola car adapted to perform the load discharging service of a hopper car, providing for dumping approximately 100 per cent of the load through floor door openings, is commonly referred to as a General Service Car. – Ballast Cars: The enterprise ballast car designs include various types of both hopper and gondola cars, and special combination coal and ballast cars for either side or center discharge. – Hart convertible cars: The Heart Convertible car has been for many years recognized standard equipment for construction, ballast and maintenance work upon American and foreign railways. – Enterprise Hopper cars and Hopper Ore cars: The advantages of hopper cars for the transportation of coal, ore and other bulk commodities are generally recognized and cars of this type are used for this purpose wherever commodities of this nature are handled in large quantities.