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Train-Tec DS6 Dual Head Home (Red & Green)

Train-Tec DS6 Dual Head Home (Red & Green)

Our Price: £36.08
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Fully assembled signal with head, aluminium mast and electronics fitted inside base
  • Unique One-Touch DCC™ setting up - NO programming of CV codes etc!
  • Wire-Free - can clip straight into standard Hornby or Bachmann fixed track

• Or simple 2 wire connection by removing clip and just connect 2 wires to track

  • Detailing pack included to customise signal adding hand rails, phone, post symbol etc
  • Works with most controllers with accessory control including Dynamis, Select, Elite etc
  • Each can work independently or mirror another - ideal for home & distant signals!
  • Realistic transparent lens style lamps with small decay - just like the real thing!
  • Designed and manufactured in Great Britain
One-Touch DCC™ is a brand new way of instantly controlling your new signals or accessories - NO programming CV codes etc.