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Train Tech TTAL2  Flame Effect Tail Light (Flickering)

Train Tech TTAL2 Flame Effect Tail Light (Flickering)

Our Price: £14.95
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These tail lights are a great little addition that adds realism to the back of your wagons or coaches. Use the Dual function versions to add interior lighting, headlights, cab lights etc. They are activated by movement which turns on the LED, and when stationary will automatically turn off after 4 minutes - no power switch needed. This is ideal to keep your coaches lit while waiting for passengers to board.

These units can be fitted to brake vans, coaches, wagons etc, and runs for ages on a standard button battery. No pickup, wiring or soldering is required as the LED simply plugs straight in.

The unit is easily installed in OO, HO, O, and G gauge models, and for N gauge modeller the AL Module with standard battery will fit in some larger N gauge containers but the instructions now include a guide on how to trim the battery holder down to fit a small CR1225 battery inside most N gauge rolling stock. This smaller battery is available as a pack of 3 under reference TTBAT2.


  • Detects motion and turns on automatically.
  • Automatically turns off 4mins after last movement.
  • No pick-up, wires or soldering required - LED plugs in.
  • Can be fitted to brake vans, coaches, wagons etc.
  • Runs for AGES on a standard button battery.
  • This unit can be used in a firebox on a locomotive.


  • 2 x Lantern style LEDs
  • Battery.