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Realistic Tree Kits


Our Realistic Tree Kits teach you to easily make unique deciduous or pine trees ranging from 3/4"-8". Simply bend and twist the armature's branches in the shape you want. Apply Hob-e-Tac® and wait 15 minutes until it is clear and tacky. Then dip into, or press, foliage onto branches. Kits WTR1111 and WTR1112 include a sample of Fine-Leaf Foliage.


Tree Armatures

Bend and twist Tree Armature into a realistic shape. Apply Hob-e-Tac to the branches.
You can use these foliage materials to make a large variety of trees for your layout: Underbrush, Bushes, Clump-Foliage, Foliage Clusters, Lichen, Foliage, Fine-Leaf Foliage, and Poly Fiber .


Premium Trees

Premium Trees replicate real trees! Each is hand-crafted. The design of the branches and leaf structures easily identify the tree type, and the trunks are textured like real bark. Each Premium Tree has a planting pin. Trees range from 1 1/2" to 5 3/4". All sizes are approximate.

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