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TT300 DCC Equiped Slow Motion Point Motor

Our Price: £19.95
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Compact, self contained
Built-in DCC decoder
NMRA compatible; Addresses from 1 to 2044; supports programming track or
PoM; All NMRA programming modes supported.
Suitable for scales Z-gauge to O-gauge
Easy installation (2 screws)
No mechanical adjustment required
Moderate holding force at end of travel (suitable for non-latching and latching points)
Slow motion
No soldering needed
Built-in switching for frogs
Route setting using secondary addresses
Remote push-button control as well as DCC control
Low current consumption (<100mA when driving and <10mA at idle)
Outputs for indicator panel lights
Length: 82mm
Width: 32mm
Depth: 41mm (from base board to bottom of motor)