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Walthers 932-55047 Pullman-Standard 10-6 Sleeper w/Fluted Sides CN

Walthers 932-55047 Pullman-Standard 10-6 Sleeper w/Fluted Sides CN

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Canadian National (silver, black, Noodle Logo) 

Colorful Cars for Overnight Routes

* All-New Tooling * Prototype Specific Detail - Skirted or Non-Skirted; - Corrugated or Smoothside * Car Name & Number Decals * Plastic Storage Box * Metal Wheelsets * AccuMate(R) Knuckle Couplers * Superb Paint & Lettering
When lightweight cars came to the Pullman fleet in the early 1940s, their smooth sides lent themselves to classy, colorful paint schemes. Corrugated stainless-steel sides, later added to match the look (and acknowledge the competition) of Budd's stainless-steel designs, created a variety of cars that ran on premier passenger trains.
Based on Plan #4140, Walthers all-new Pullman-Standard 10-6 Sleepers feature prototype specific body styles with corrugated or smooth sides with or without skirting as appropriate for each roadname. These all-new cars ride on GSC 41-N trucks with blackened metal wheelsets. Other features include flush-fitting windows, full interiors, working diaphragms, knuckle couplers and car number and name decals.
For more realism, a drop-in Lighting Kit is available separately (#933-1099).