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WC1199 Woodland Scenics Super Strength Plaster 1/2 Gal

WC1199 Woodland Scenics Super Strength Plaster 1/2 Gal

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IMPORTANT: Prepare using a clean bowl and utensils. Do not clean utensils in sink or pour exceplaster down drain.

Working Time: 5 minutes

1. Pour 10 fl oz of Super Strength Plaster slowly into 4 fl oz of cold water (mixing ratio 2.5:1). Let stand for  2minutes, then stir thoroughly for 1-2 minutes. Pour mixture into mold immediately. Let cure until casting can be safely removed. Dry time will vary depending on depth of mold.

2. For attaching castings and alternative uses, adjust plaster to water ratio for a thicker or thinner consistency appropriate to application. Less water yields a thicker mixture.

3. Let dry 24 hours before coloring with Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment (C1215-C1223, C1228, C1229).

Times are approximate and may vary due to environmental conditions