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WC1211 Woodland Scenics: Realistic Water 16 oz.

WC1211 Woodland Scenics: Realistic Water 16 oz.

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Realistic Water 16 oz.
Use to model still or slow-moving water, such as ponds, rivers, lakes and more. Pour directly from the bottle. Realistic Water is self-leveling. Pour no more than 1/8” deep. Dries clear in approximately 24 hours and the bottle covers an area 17” in diameter when poured to the recommended depth of 1/8”.

Do not shake bottle. Contents cover 17” diameter area when poured to recommended depth of 1/8” (shrinkage may occur). NOTE: If Scenic Cement is used in water areas it may turn cloudy on contact, however, it will eventually clear. Create 1/8”-deep water cavity with Plaster Cloth (seal holes). Optional: Seal with Flex Paste (dry thoroughly). Paint sealed water cavity with Earth Colors Liquid Pigment. Dark colors simulate deep water, light colors simulate shallow water. When pigment dries, pour Realistic Water, then use a toothpick to gently flow into tight areas (DO NOT BRUSH as it will lift the color). Dry thoroughly. apply heat. 2) do not use a top sealer. 3) if water cavity is deeper than 1/8”, pour 1/8” layers until full (dry 24 hours between layers or until clear).