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WC1215 Woodland Scenics: Earth Color / Colour Kit

WC1215 Woodland Scenics: Earth Color / Colour Kit

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Earth Colour Kit
This is an amazingly simple system for coloring terrain and plaster castings such as rocks, retaining walls, culverts and tunnel portals. Beginners get craftsman-quality results. The Earth Colour Kit includes instructions, applicator, palette and eight 1 oz. bottles of Earth Colours Liquid Pigment (White, Concrete, Stone Gray, Slate Gray, Black, Raw Umber, Yellow Ocher and Burnt Umber).

When Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment and Earth Undercoats are diluted with water, the colours flow and pool easily into the crevices of the terrain shell in a way that creates natural colour variation.

Both dilution and opaque applications are useful to a modeler for different outcomes. Dilute when you want to blend colours. Apply the pigment full strength when you want to apply rich, opaque colours in a controlled manner. Dilute Earth Colours Liquid Pigment with water in a cup, mixing tray (for small amounts) or the Scenic Sprayer™. The Scenic Sprayer is convenient because it has ounce markings noted on it for measuring exact amounts.