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Wheels of Time 249 70' Heavyweight Baggage-Express w/Arched Roof (Warbash)

Wheels of Time 249 70' Heavyweight Baggage-Express w/Arched Roof (Warbash)

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Wabash #345 (Armour Yellow, gray)
The City of St. Louis (trains 9 & 10), a joint Union Pacific - Wabash (SP for S.F. bound cars) Streamliner began daily operations on June 2, 1946.  Originally painted in all two-tone gray and pulled by slant nose E-6A units with large UP ‘wings’.   Wabash baggage cars ran between St. Louis and Kansas City.  At Cheyenne, the LA bound cars were switched to the Los Angeles Limited (No. 1), San Francisco bound cars were switched to the Overland Limited (No. 27), and Portland bound cars switched to the Portland Rose (No. 11).  Wabash heavyweight arched roof baggage-express cars nos. 367 and 345 were assigned to the CoSL service.   Originally, they too were painted in two-tone gray.  On April 29, 1951, CoSL became a through train to LA with switching done at Denver for No. 27 and No. 11.  By 1952, the entire train was a sea of yellow and gray - the new Streamliner colors including the originally assigned Wabash baggage cars.  CoSL ended when Norfolk & Western (swallowed up Wabash in a merge) ended the Kansas City - St. Louis segment of the train on April 28-29, 1968.  From then on, UP renamed the train the City of Kansas City.