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Wiking 077335 Krampe Big Body 650 S Rear/Side Tipper

Wiking 077335 Krampe Big Body 650 S Rear/Side Tipper

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Krampe Big Body 650 S rear / side tipper Article no. 077335 Big Body 650 S: emptying on the side no problem The Krampe Big Body 650 S also deploys its specialist function suitable for everyday use as a precision miniature. The trailer has a precise Seitenkippfunktion that raises the trough at the ideal angle. Two flaps on the left side can be opened to position the load accurately at its designated unloading point. By pins on the chassis, the tilt function can also be switched to the rear discharge function. Of course, the tailgate including silage outlet is movable. In line with the stated premium claim of WIKING precision models, the detail power of every tiny component makes one sit up and take notice. product details The drawbar is height-adjustable, the support leg movable, the ladder removable and can be positioned at different heights. The rear axle is steerable, which clearly demonstrates the high maneuverability of the prototype. And of course, the WIKING friend and agricultural machinery enthusiast will be helping the large range of at least half a dozen of the most up-to-date smugglers. Exactly in the alternate combination and type preference of the teams is the charm of this scale, which leaves nothing to be desired even for technology enthusiasts.