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Wiking 077337  1:32 DIECAST Fliegl VFW 18000 Profiline

Wiking 077337 1:32 DIECAST Fliegl VFW 18000 Profiline

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Fliegl VFW 18.000 Profiline / slit universal 15 m Article no. 077337 With slotting machine successful agricultural machine combination Fliegl once again provides an impressive model for WIKING model making - it is promising in terms of dimensions and remarkable technical features alone. And the 1:32 precision model does not owe an answer. Because efficient soil tillage in agriculture is guaranteed with the Fliegl vacuum drum wagon with slot machine and can be experienced on the model. Especially on green and arable land, the manure can be introduced evenly and plant-friendly directly into the soil. WIKING miniaturizes the Fliegl vacuum drum wagon with the mighty tank container and the filigree fittings as well as the associated slitting unit. Attached to the rear of the model enthusiast expects a miniaturized in every respect exemplary miniaturized construction. product details From the slurry hoses to the slot shoes, all the details of the Fliegl vacuum drum wagon can be authentically experienced. WIKING has also miniaturized the second rear-mounted attachment for the Fliegl vacuum drum wagon with the manure cultivator. With its economical working width, the slurry can be incorporated perfectly into the soil via the cultivator function. Lateral support wheels hold the manure cultivator at the rear of the Fliegl trolley in the lane. With this model, WIKING follows the agricultural trend towards more efficient processing of green areas and farmland.