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Wiking 077338 Scale: 1:32 Fliegl VFW 18000 Profiline Slurry Plough

Wiking 077338 Scale: 1:32 Fliegl VFW 18000 Profiline Slurry Plough

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Fliegl VFW 18.000 Profiline / slurry cultivator GUG 6m Article no. 077338 The Fliegl vacuum drum wagon brings rubber boots with you The Fliegl vacuum drum wagon once again shows why WIKING helps the precision scale to become a truly premium character. At first glance, a filigree model presents itself that does not miss even the smallest detail. All fittings, the lateral ladders, but also the chassis with fenders, which themselves have the rear-side red and white warning signs, are modeled on prototypes. A special accessory WIKING with a wink does not disregard: In the storage container below the tank boiler two rubber boots are stowed - in 1:32 of course! Matching with so much attention to detail, the wheel chocks are also dimensioned - accessories can no longer be more delicate. The Fliegl vacuum holding truck Profiline, whose model still offers space for 18,000 liters of cargo volume, stands for efficient tillage in agriculture. Thanks to the profiled balloon tires, manure can be introduced into the soil in a uniform and plant-friendly manner, especially on green and farmland. product details In addition, WIKING miniaturized a rear-mounted attachment for the Fliegl drum wagon with the manure cultivator. With economical working widths, the liquid manure, which has been guided down to the ground via flexible hoses, can be incorporated perfectly into the soil via the cultivator function. Lateral support wheels hold the manure cultivator at the rear of the Fliegl trolley in the lane. With this model, WIKING follows the agricultural trend towards more efficient processing of green areas and farmland.