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Wiking 077339 1:32 DIECAST Krampe Big Body 650

Wiking 077339 1:32 DIECAST Krampe Big Body 650

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Krampe Big Body 650 rear dump with silage attachment Article no. 077339 The versatile transport wonder of Krampe WIKING continues its filigree offensive with a scale duo of 1:32: With the Krampe Big Body 650, the modelers present an impressive agricultural tipper, which is designed for use with the rear discharge and is suitable for use. In keeping with the premium demands placed on WIKING precision models, the attention to detail can be drawn to every little component: the drawbar is height-adjustable, the support leg is movable, the ladder can be removed and positioned at different heights. The rear axle is steerable. Of course, the trough is tiltable, the tailgate including silage outlet movable. In the case of the Big Body 650, the silage attachment is just as miniaturized as the sloping roof tarpaulin - the cover film can be authentically rolled up. And of course, the WIKING friend and agricultural machinery enthusiast can look forward to a half-dozen specimen-sized range of tugs. Exactly in the alternating combination of the teams is the charm of this scale, which leaves nothing to be desired even for technology enthusiasts.