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Wiking 077341 1:32 DIECAST Pottinger Mower Novacat V10

Wiking 077341 1:32 DIECAST Pottinger Mower Novacat V10

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Pöttinger mower Novacat V10 Article no. 077341 Pöttinger mower with filigree proof The whole attraction of the 1:32 scale is made clear by the second newcomer, the Pöttinger Novacat V10 mower. The finely crafted agricultural model leaves no wish unfulfilled when looking at the details - many of which are movable. Thanks to the coordinated combination of die-cast zinc elements and a multitude of filigree plastic components, the Pöttinger Novacat V10 mower unit has been miniaturized to a filigree 32x and lives up to the WIKING quality promise on this precision scale. Through this further model, the harvesting chain learns a helpful gap closure in the model-making representation. Thus, in combination with the different types of tugs an attractive imitation of everyday agricultural life with cutting-edge machines possible,